2 of these was dropped after fighting Andariel in Hell Difficulty, they can"t be traded or sold, what are they used for?

Presumably some Hordadric Cube recipe?


You are correct that it is a horadric cube recipe. It creates a Token of Absolution that allows you to lớn respec. a character.

Bạn đang xem: Twisted essence of suffering

Added in Patch 1.13, the Token of Absolution is a consumable thành phầm that grants the character one stat/skill rephối. This works in the same way as the reward from the Den of Evil quest, but allows a character infinite respecs, provided that they are willing to lớn gather the reagents each time they desire a respec. The Token of Absolution is created in the Horadric Cube by cubing together four different Essences that drop infrequently from the act bosses in Hell difficulty.

The Essences include:

Twisted Essence of Suffering (dropped by Andariel & Duriel) Charged Essence of Hatred (dropped by Mephisto) Burning Essence of Terror (dropped by Diablo) Festering Essence of Destruction (dropped by Baal).

They create: Token of Absolution

source: Diablo 2 Wikia

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answered Nov 21 "11 at 2:29

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