I"m trying to lớn adopt the solution from this post và I"ve sầu modified the macro slightly (I only need lớn add on button click) so that it"s now

Sub AdjustValue() Dyên btnName As String Dyên ổn targetCell As String Dyên addAmount As Integer btnName = Application.Caller targetCell = Mid(btnName, 5, Len(btnName)) addAmount = 1 ActiveSheet.Range(targetCell).Value = ActiveSheet.Range(targetCell).Value + addAmountEnd Subwhen I cliông xã my button, named "Add_B3" it causes an error

The Macro May Not Be Available In This Workbook Or All Macros May Be Disabled

I"ve sầu saved the macro khổng lồ both the sheet that I"m working in & ThisWorkbook.

Bạn đang xem: The macro may not be available in this workbook or all macros may be disabled


I have phối my Macro Settings in the Trust Center lớn "Disable all macros with notification" but even if I select "Enable all macros" I still hit the error and I can"t work out why?

microsoft-excel microsoft-excel-2010 vcha macros
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It looks like the button became unassigned from the macro. Try reassigning the button to lớn the macro.

When you first right cliông xã on the button và choose Assign Macro, if you look at the "Macro name" text box, it should show you what macro is currently assigned to the button.

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answered Feb 12 "16 at 3:26

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