take (one"s) hat off lớn (someone or something)

To praise, salute, congratulate, or pay tribute to someone or something.

Quý Khách sẽ xem: Take my hat off to lớn là gì

We all take our hats off lớn Janet for her recent promotion.

Bạn đang xem: Take my hat off to là gì

I take my hat off to lớn that organization for providing help when no one else does.See also: hat, off, take

take your hat off to someone

COMMON If you say that you take your hat off to someone, you are expressing admiration for something that they have sầu done. I take my hat off to lớn them. They"ve sầu done very well. You have lớn take your hat off to a team that can vì chưng that. Note: You can also say hats off to someone. Hats off khổng lồ them for supporting the homeless. Hats off to lớn the newspaper for having the courage to lớn publish the pictures. Note: People used to lớn remove sầu their hats as a sign of respect when they met someone.

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See also: hat, off, someone, takeSee also:

take your hat off lớn someone

admire someone: "I really take my hat off khổng lồ people who work full time and study at the same time!" take up with take up with (one) take up with (something) take vows take what (one) says with a pinch of salt take wing take with take with (one or something) take with a pinch of salternative text take with one take word for take word for it take wrong take years off take years off (of) (one) take years off sometoàn thân take your breath away take your chances take your courage in both hands take your cue from take your cue from sometoàn thân take your cue from someone take your eye off the ball take your hat off to take your hat off khổng lồ sometoàn thân take your hat off to someone take your life in your hands take your lumps take your medicine take your own life take your place Take your seat take your time take, clalặng, seize, etc. the moral high ground take/draw sometoàn thân khổng lồ one side take/have somebody toàn thân under your wing take/have sầu your piông chồng take/plead the fifth taken taken abaông chồng taken for dead taken with taken with (someone or something) taken with, be takeoff take-off artist taker takes one khổng lồ know one takes two khổng lồ tango taking taking calls chit-chat to have a word with someone to lớn not have a good word lớn say about someone a word in your ear to lớn not mince your words to have words lớn get a word in edgeways keep something under your hat take your hat off lớn someone tied khổng lồ his mother"s apron strings keep something up your sleeve all talk no trousers pull your socks up it will blow your socks off pants - Từ đồng nghĩa tương quan, giải pháp sử dụng tự tựa như Thành ngữ, phương ngôn take your hat off khổng lồ someone